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Social media platforms allow businesses to develop their brand voice, engage with customers, and view competition efforts. It is important to choose the right platform for your business so that it can reach its target audience and increase its visibility.


One of the most important factors businesses should consider when choosing a social media platform is its cost-effective nature. Unlike other marketing channels, social media platforms can be used in a personalized and cost-effective manner.



One of the most prominent platforms that businesses can use is Facebook. According to Search Engine Journal, various industries dominate the platform, such as automotive, financial services, gaming, retail, and technology. On its platform, Facebook encourages businesses to start conversations by releasing live videos and engaging groups. Another option is a chatbot on Facebook Messenger.



One billion hours of videos are viewed by YouTube users every day. This makes it one of the most prominent platforms for marketing. Businesses can use this platform to create their own channels and reach their target audience.


YouTube is also one of the most prominent search engines. It is important that businesses use the proper SEO practices to improve their visibility on this platform. It can be used by companies in diverse industries such as financial services, medical, and legal.



Instagram is a powerful platform for businesses that sell products or services. It can be used by companies in various industries, such as fashion, cosmetics, and personal care. According to studies, 75% of 18-to-24-year-olds use Instagram.



TikTok is considered to be the king of short-form video platforms. Companies in various industries have also used it to promote their products and services. However, it is important to note that a significant portion of its users are teenagers.



Twitter allows businesses to share various types of content, such as images, videos, and polls. It also allows them to integrate with the community by retweeting and mentioning. Twitter has become the new go-to for customer service. People would rather tweet at a brand’s customer service platform than call the customer service platform itself.



Digital bulletin boards can be organized by category or by adding product details and location with Rich pins. These are also handy for B2C businesses that sell various types of products, such as food, fashion, and luxury goods.



One of the most prominent platforms for businesses that sell products and services is Reddit. It is known for its ability to integrate communities of like-minded individuals. However, businesses should avoid self-promoting, as it’s against the terms. 


Businesses use social media to elevate their platform and develop a voice for their brand. These are just a few of the many platforms that you can use to elevate your business.