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Leadership is essential for today’s world. Leaders are becoming increasingly necessary as the complexity of society grows, and the number of responsibilities that need to be streamlined seems to be multiplying. Below are some of the traits that can be of use to managers of all levels.

Have a Willingness to Be Told Off

This is a good trait for anyone in leadership but is especially prominent in people at the top of their field. Leaders tend to be more laid back and don’t mind being told off when they are wrong or if they cannot prove themselves correct. Some of them may even welcome the criticism, for this is keeps them on their toes and reminds them to always do better.

Be Confident

This trait is one of the most important aspects of being a leader. People are more likely to follow people who are confident instead of insecure. Leaders need to be able to know their own abilities and be able to realize that they are not perfect. They must still be able to accept that they cannot do everything at once, and they need their staff, clients, or team around them in order for them to succeed.

Be There When They Are Needed

Leaders are not always needed, but when they are, they should be there for their team. They shouldn’t close the door and leave their staff to do their own thing. On the other hand, they shouldn’t be there all the time either. Employees need to feel that they are doing their work independently and that success is obtained because of them, not because of the leader.

Have a Plan

This is one way for leaders to ensure that their team is doing what they need to be doing. Having a plan can help ensure that each staff member knows what is expected of him and what the leader expects from him. This provides clear direction and will hopefully keep them on track.

Be Organized

Organization is essential for the leader as well as the staff. A leader who can’t keep up with his own paperwork and appointments is very unprofessional and will not be able to provide help to his team.