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Promoting workplace inclusivity fosters productivity-increasing esprit de corp among co-workers. Employees knowing each other minimizes office politics and creates a more hospitable work environment. Creating a more diverse workforce is a matter of implementing new ideas and policies.

Update Recruiting Practices

Words and phrases commonly used in job postings may not resonate with people from some ethnic or religious backgrounds. The wrong wording can make a business appear exclusive rather than inclusive. Recruitment postings should not include feminine and masculine pronouns.

Conduct An Inclusivity Audit

Management needs to determine what groups are underrepresented on the payroll to create a less homogenous employee roster. A cultural assessment of its staff aids a business in deciding where to focus its recruiting efforts.

Abandon Preconceived Notions

Assumptions about those of different races, colors, and creeds are ingrained in some individuals. Adherence to stereotypes makes it difficult for a firm to compete in the global market. Encourage employees to gauge foreign customers and vendors by their character rather than by their ethnicity or faith.

Value Everyone’s Input

When one worker always runs meetings, their colleagues may feel that their voice doesn’t matter. Allowing different staff members to set the agenda and conduct meetings sends the message that everyone’s ideas and input are appreciated.

Report Stereotyping

Creating a more inclusive workplace requires management and employees to work as a team. When an employee belonging to a minority group is stereotyped by co-workers, they should report it to their supervisor and, if necessary human resources. The meeting with management should be face-to-face, kept civil, and the reporting worker needs to list the stereotypes experienced. Leadership, in turn, should conceive a strategy to address the issue.

Encourage Employee Interaction

Allowing employees from diverse backgrounds time to get to know each other personally propagates tolerance and acceptance. Some of the ways a company can support employee interaction include company meals, parties, and picnics.

Address Sexual Harassment

The US government defines sexual harassment as both verbal and physical. Every company needs to adopt a plan for addressing sexual harassment. If a company’s diversity plan is to work, everyone needs to feel safe while at work.