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The advantage of networking in public is that you can meet new people through your workplace or out in public at a coffee shop. Indeed it isn’t unheard of that two people meeting for the first time in public can strike a conversation and realize they have common business goals that can be useful for a later date. Of course, networking post-pandemic was a lot easier than it is today, but that only serves to make networking throughout the pandemic even more valuable and essential for business owners.

Pandemic networking looks a little different than traditional networking since most communication is done through digital means. This is also a great asset. Working from home brings opportunities to work with people across the state and even across countries. With the pandemic, you may be able to meet more people than you ever could have through traditional means. While face-to-face talking is always more personal and desirable through exchanges, you can still benefit from the range of people you can meet.

Networking through media can easily be done through zoom meetings and Google or Word teams, allowing you to work together with other remote workers on projects. LinkedIn is also a solid path to getting recognized by people. Business people and workers alike have been using LinkedIn for a while, and it continues to be excellent support for people who need to network.

If you still prefer that face-to-face interaction, then it’s suggested you start a little closer to home with family, friends, and neighbors. When you develop these relationships, you are not only trying to get business boons; you are establishing a bond that benefits you and the person you are trying to develop a relationship with. This means that you must support and value what they’re doing just as much as you want them to help and support you. If these bonds remain beneficial, then stay with them.

Networking is a full-time job in and of itself. You can’t just rely on networking when you need it. Establishing a relationship in a personal or business setting can bring opportunities when you least expect it, so always make sure you’re looking for ways to improve your circle of friends and coworkers.